A Brief History of OSI Group

OSI Group is a US-based food and meat processing firm that serves the foodservice and retail industries. Its headquarters is located in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group started in Oak Park, Illinois in 1909 as a family meat market. In 1917, it expanded into a wholesale meat franchise and relocated to nearby Maywood, a Chicago suburb. Over time, Otto & Sons built itself an excellent reputation for offering quality meat.

Upon opening its first store in Illinois in 1995, McDonald’s chose Otto & Sons as its exclusive supplier of fresh ground beef patties. The founder and CEO of McDonald’s, Ray Krock, formalized the deal through a handshake with Otto Kolschowsky heirs. Kroc and Otto Kolschowsky’s sons forged a healthy personal relationship for quite a long time. Soon, supplying beef to local McDonald’s food chains became Otto & Son’s core business. In 1973, Otto & Sons launched a new meat processing plant with liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels in West Chicago. Accordingly, it began a separate unit that would serve non-McDonald’s businesses.

Upon changing its name to OSI Group in 1975, Otto & Sons became an exclusive supplier of fresh ground beef patties to the McDonald’s. Over time, it grew in size and succeeded as McDonald’s scaled globally. In 1999, OSI Group entered into a contract with Best Chicago Meat to use the Glenmark brand. Nonetheless, Best Chicago Meat wholly acquired the Glenmark brand in 2011. As of 2016, OSI Grouped ranked 58th as one of the leading private meat processing companies in the world, at $6.1 billion.

OSI Group runs its facilities in the United States as OSI Industries, LLC. Its U.S. facilities are located in West Chicago in Illinois, California, Utah, Iowa, Geneva, Wisconsin, West Jordan, and Fort Atkinson. OSI Group produces a variety of co-packs and private label foods for its various retail and foodservice customers. OSI Group currently operates over 65 facilities around the world. It operates processing plants in the Asia Pacific region, Europe, and North America. Its food products include vegetable, bacon, meat patties, dough products, fish, pork, and pizza. Besides McDonald’s, OSI Group now supplies meat and food products to other western fast food chains in China such as Pizza Hut, Subway, and Papa John’s Pizza. OSI Group has received awards over the years for its excellence in environmental management as well as health and safety risks management. OSI Group also supplies specialty meats and processed meats to local restaurants and supermarkets.

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Jeremy Goldstein Insights on Knockout Options

Jeremy Goldstein is a business lawyer with over fifteen years of experience. He is widely recognized for his legal advice to corporations. Jeremy is also a managing partner of the New York-based law firm, the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. The law firm focuses on advising corporation team members. Mr. Goldstein also plays a significant role at the American Bar Association Business Section where he currently serves as the director.


Over the years, a lot of corporations do not provide their employees with stock options. Most of the firms made this decision may be to save more money for the business. However, Mr. Goldstein disagrees by sharing his view on primary reason as to why companies curtail stock options benefits. According to Jeremy, the company stock value drops making it impossible for employees to gain their benefits. The businesses are required to make a report for their liabilities, resulting to stockholders curtailing the stocks benefits.


Goldstein encourages corporations to embrace a type of barrier option known as a knockout. The knockout solution gives workers a strong reason to limit a firm’s stock value from decreasing below the loss sill. On the other hand, the recommended knockout option only solves bits of the problem by first getting rid of the more alarming obstacles. Knockout solution assures existing stockholders fewer worries about shrinking ownership shares.


In addition to Goldstein achievements in the law industry, He has successfully worked for top significant transactions companies such as Verizon, duke energy, and Merck. Goldstein is also a board member of New York University Journal of Law. He also contributes to a nonprofit organization known as Fountain House. Additionally, in honor of his marvelous work, Goldstein ranked top in both the law Chambers of United States.


Goldstein graduated with a JD from the University of New York. He later moved to the University of Chicago where he acquired a master in law. Goldstein advanced his studies at cum laude where he graduated with Bachelor of Arts.


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Persistence Pays off for Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe knows better than anyone else that persistence can pay off. Her recent wedding is a celebration of love, but it also highlights one thing that Whitney Wolfe is notably known for. She is an overachiever.

Wolfe has managed to get married early and have a very lavish wedding. This is all the result of her ability to build a lot of interest in her dating app as she rose to fame. Her ability to thrive as an entrepreneur allowed her to meet more people and make more connections. This would eventually lead to a life where she could continue to travel the world and meet interesting people. Her spouse is someone that she met on Valentine’s Day. At the time Whitney Wolfe was out of the country. She was someone that was in the mist of creating a very enlightening dating app.

Whitney would continue to shine as one of the best when it came to revamping dating app technology. Her ability to build her company while simultaneously getting closer to the man that she would marry shows how well she is able to multitask.

Whitney Wolfe has been very successful with creating a powerful dating app platform, and she hopes that her persistence will lead her to an even larger fanbase. She definitely shows her multitasking skills in prolific ways. One way that she does this is bye connecting users with different aspects of her dating app platform. Wolfe has managed to become the person that is making people reevaluate their thought process about socializing through apps.

Most people that have friends that are far away will connect to them through Facebook. This is how people tend to keep up with their family members and the children that family members may have.

People that are trying to network and possibly rise in their career field may consider the benefits of an app like LinkedIn. This is where many people become familiar with all of the different companies and various friends that may work for organizations that they are trying to become a part of.

LinkedIn and Facebook are separate entities. Dating sites like Match and other social media communities like Twitter are also separate entities. Whitney Wolfe is slowly but persistently bringing networking, dating and general socializing together through Bumble. This is what she plans to do as the Texas-based company moves forward within the next year.

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OSI Group continues to expand while incorporating green innovations

OSI industries have been in existence for more than 100 years. They have an impressive legacy of producing high-quality food products over the years. The company was established in 1909 by an immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky. At this time, it was just a humble butcher shop in Chicago that was known as Otto&Sons, U.S.A.

Today, OSI Group has grown to become a large food processing commpany and supplies company. The company has 70 processing facilities in 17 different countries across the globe. David McDonald is the President of the company while Sheldon Lavin is the CEO.

OSI Group has a huge concern for food safety and has put several measures in place to ensure that they produce high-quality food products for their customers. The company has complied with various international food certifications that guarantee the company’s products meet the set requirements.

One of the main reasons why OSI Group has been around for so many years is that they can move with the current trends. The company adopted green practices that are aimed at energy conservation and reduction of environmental pollutants. OSI Grop has also put several measures in place that ensures sustainability. Mr. Sheldon plans to continue growing the company by incorporating strategic market-focused methods. The company has recently been acquiring other companies with which they share values and goals.

The company’s exponential growth began in 1955 when Otto&Sons was contracted to supply meat products to the McDonalds. The company established a special that would only produce products for the McDonalds. OSI Industries continued to grow in the 1970s when Sheldon came aboard as a partner to the two brothers who were sons of the founder, Otto Kolchowsky.

Mr. Lavin came up with strategies to put the company on a global map by venturing into markets outside the U.S. In 1975, Otto&Sons rebranded to OSI Group. With its new identity, OSI industries penetrated fast food markets in Germany, Brazil, Spain, Taiwan, and Austria. In the 1990s, OSI Group opened more facilities in Philippines, Mexico, and Poland. The company also continued to cement its local presence by opening more plants in the U.S.

With the arrival of a new millennium, OSI Group launched an aggressive expansion of its poultry products in different parts of the continent. At this time, the company also broke into the fresh produce markets and began supplying vegetable to some of the famous fast food brands in the world.

About OSI Group: www.foodworks.pl/en/osi-group-en.html

The History Of American Institute Of Architects

The American Institute of Architects was initiated in New York City in 1857. The founders were a group of thirteen architects who had an aim of promoting and perfecting their scientific profession. They include Charles Babcock, Henry Cleaveland, Henry Dudley, Leopold Eidlitz, Edward Gardiner, Richard Morris Hunt, Fred Peterson, Jacob Wrey Mould, John Welch, Richard Upjohn, and Joseph Wells. It was formerly known as the New York Society of Architects.

The headquarters of AIA is situated at 1753 New York Avenue in Washington DC. The AIA has more than ninety thousand professional architects. The membership is broadly classified into five types. They include;

• Architect members who are licensed under the United States licensing authority to conduct architectural activities.
• Associate members who work under the supervision of a professional architecture as interns or undergraduate students undertaking architecture in the university.
• International associate members who hold an architecture license acquired from a licensing authority outside the United States.
• Emeritus members who are individuals who have been members of AIA for fifteen consecutive years and a minimum age of sixty-five years or unskilled in architecture.
• Allied members who are individuals with professions in engineering, landscape architecture, and planning. This type of membership is mainly composed of a partnership between the AIA and the American Architectural Foundation.

Students also acquire membership in the American Institute of Architecture. A board of directors governs the AIA. It has more than two hundred full-time employees. The AIA is mainly concerned with the national organization. It helps in reinforcing the professional lives of about three hundred local and state members. The primary functions of the AIA include;

• Influencing favorable practices that will enhance architectural profession in America.
• Monitoring and regulating all architectural legislative measures such as restructuring the design of built houses.
• Helps in making decisions in association with the federal state and the local policymakers.

The AIA is responsible for issuing contract documents that contain information about the design of the main infrastructural developments. AIA creates public awareness about the value of architecture and the importance of good infrastructural designs to the local community and the nation at large. AIA and the Harris Interactive are known to have engaged the Americans in a poll that required them to provide a list of their favorite architectural works. The AIA has established recognition programme for acknowledging its member’s achievements. Examples include the AIA Gold medal, architecture firm award, and the AIA Topaz Medallion for excellence in architectural education.

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Jason Hope Arizona Based Renowned Entrepreneur and Businessman

Jason Hope is one of the most famous and successful entrepreneurs in the United States. Over the years, he has made a name for himself in the world of technology by being the founder co-founder of many of the mobile technology firms, including Jawa, which was his first mobile technology company. Jason Hope is based in Arizona and completed his graduation in finance from the Arizona State University. After completing his graduation, Jason Hope decided to master his business skills and thus, went on to complete Masters in Business Administration from W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope is a regular commentator and blogger on the topic of technology and loves to keep himself updated about the recent events in the world of technology.

Even though the world of technology is progressing at a massive pace and many new technologies are being innovated, invented, and introduced, one of the technologies that have caught the eye of Jason Hope and many others are the Internet of Things technology. It is one of the most talked about technologies these days and is finding its use in many of the industries, including transport, aviation, manufacturing, education, and even in the corporate sector. Many of the industries and companies are researching on finding ways to use the Internet of Things technology. The applications of the Internet of Things technology can be highly useful for many industries and can help in making the processes more efficient, time-saving, and economical.

Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things technology would find its use in many industries in the future. In the transportation sector, the use of Internet of Things technology would help promote the use of public conveyance and help relay the traffic based information to the public in real time. In the aviation industry, the airplanes of many carriers are already integrated with the IoT technology, which is helpful in detecting any damages or errors in the engine or component system that needs to be fixed. The technicians are finding the new technology instrumental in the aviation industry as now they do not have to spend hours to find out where the damage has occurred and what the reasons for malfunctions are.

Jason Hope is also a renowned philanthropist and contributes to many of the well-known national as well as local charities. One of the primary concerns of Jason Hope is to find a cure for rare and terminal diseases, and thus, donates for medical research extensively. He is also a generous donor to SENS Research Foundation, which is an organization dedicated to finding ways to extend the average lifespan of people. SENS Research Foundation is also involved in medical research associated with anti-aging and has made considerable progress in the last few years.

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Securus Technologies Helping Officers Stay Safe

My job inside the local county prison is a dangerous one, and I have been doing everything that I can to make sure me and my fellow coworkers are safe and go home to our families after our shifts. To give you a better understanding as to why my job is so dangerous, you have dozens of inmates crammed into small cells, gangs within inches of rival gangs, and all of them hating authority.


Even though me and my fellow corrections officers are heavily outnumbered, we do have ways to even the odds to a point. Although we do show the inmates respect, there are some who just can not deal with being in prison under our supervision and lash out. One of the ways we now try to anticipate any violent episodes is by utilizing the LBS software developed by the Securus Technologies company and their inmate call monitoring system.


In the past, me and my fellow officers would have to try to listen to inmates on the phone manually, with the help of Securus Technologies the LBS software does all that work. The company CEO, Richard Smith, reminds us that his team are always working hard to make the world a little safer for everyone. His Dallas-based company has installed this same monitoring system in thousands of jails, making everyone behind those prison walls that much safer.


The monitoring system helped my team to identify the players in a recent gang war in the yard. It helped us to stop the flow of heroin into the hands of the inmates by way of the visitor center. It has also helped to identify the inmates who are selling drugs in jail and then being forced to kick up all that cash to the top ranking gang members pulling the strings from inside their cells.



When we think of Immigrants in this country, it makes you glad that David G. McDonald was the proud son of Immigrants. His parents came to this country as Welsh Immigrants. David was born in Pennsylvania in 1902. After graduating from Iowa State University with a degree in Animal Science, he began working for OSI Group. He climbed his way up the ladder to his current position of President, and CEO. Of course, his success did not come over night. David had to work hard, learn the mechanics of the company, and realize where he needed to improve.
after several years of working for OSI, he concluded with one simple formula that would work for both him and the company. His success is attributed to Mr. McDonald’s focus on three main specialized strategies: Large scale Information Systems, Human Interaction with Computers, and Collaborative Support within those computer systems.

With these strategies in place, Mr. MacDonald set out to expand OSI Group’s presence in Europe. He knew that this presence would not only give more exposure to their products, portfolio, and brands, but would also be a positive move to expand growth for the company. He successfully achieved this goal in 2008. OSI Group acquired a controlling stake in Baho Foods. This was a privately owned Dutch Food Manufacturing company. Mr. McDonald impressed the Dutch company with OSI Group’s North America track record. Since 1992 OSI Groups has been supplying value-added protein items of food to such brand names as Subway, Burger King, Starbucks, Yums and Papa John’s. This merger proved to be one of Mr. McDonald’s greatest successes for 2008.

This acquisition was also important to Mr. McDonald because he is always concerned about customer service and the employees of the company. According to a published magazine article, Mr. McDonald stated that while the acquisition would complement OSI’s processing strengths, it would also broaden their capabilities to meets the needs of their evolving customer base.

The employees of the newly acquired company was equally important to Mr. McDonald. All the Baho Food Staff was retained. They would work together with the senior teams of OSI. This example emphasizes Mr. McDonald’s belief in Collaborative Support and mentioned above. This collaborative union of the two companies has helped OSI to operate in Germany, the Netherlands, and has five subsidiary companies. OSI serves a wide range of customers who spread across eighteen European countries.

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Dr. Clay Siegall Discusses Founding Days of Seattle Genetics

Dr. Clay Siegall, the leading operator at Seattle Genetics, has recently participated in an interview where he discussed his founding of the successful oncological biotechnology company. Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998 and has, since its initial launch, impacted the lives of many people. During his interview with a reputable news outlet, Dr. Siegall discussed his motivation for opening Seattle Genetics, the difficulties the company faced in the first years of operation, and his hopes for the future impact of the biotech company. Under the leadership and guidance of Dr. Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics has expanded from a small facility with a handful of employees to one of the largest companies of its kind.

Opening Seattle Genetics

In the late 1990s, Dr. Clay Siegall opened his biotech company with a view towards the gradual development of cures for diseases that plagued the United States and the rest of the world. Cancers and debilitating disease had always concerned Dr. Siegall and, after receiving his doctorate degree in genetic research from George Washington University, he experienced a great enthusiasm for ending these diseases. Dr. Siegall developed Seattle Genetics with a small team of reputable researchers and scientists who agreed to take pay cuts to complete a massive amount of work. Over a span of about a decade, Dr. Siegall began to see a reward for all of the work he and his team had participated in during the development of the biotech company.

Difficulties During Infancy

In his interview, Dr. Siegall revealed that the operation of Seattle Genetics was not always as simple as it appeared to be. Developing the biotech business from nothing was difficult for Dr. Siegall and he recalls many times where financial constraints almost ended the young company. During these times, Dr. Siegall stated that he persevered and worked even harder. Seattle Genetics eventually prospered under the leadership of Siegall.

Future Impact of Seattle Genetics

Now that Seattle Genetics is successful and holds three different patents for cancer treatments, Dr. Siegall is looking forward to the further advancement of the biotech company. The Seattle Genetics CEO has announced plans to develop a new patent within the next year.


Andrew Rolfe Succeeds In Raising Over $900,000 For The Ubuntu Fund

After lengthy deliberations, Andrew Rolfe and the leadership of the Ubuntu Fund deemed it fit to expand the institution’s offing. To this end, they planned a gala dinner with the objective of raising more than $900,000. During the event, which was held in London, Andrew was charged with the duty of entertaining the guests and ensuring that they are well fed. He achieved this objective given that the event lasted the entire night.

After counting the money, the management said that they had exceeded their expectations. The leaders of the Ubuntu Fund resolved to expand the organization’s school campus, which is based in South Africa’s Port Elizabeth region. During the night, guests listened to different inspiring speeches.

One of the beneficiaries of the Fund, Sinesipho Rabidyani, took to the podium after dinner. Her inspiring story was the talk of the night. As a young girl, Sinesipho did not love going home after school given that her father had a drinking habit. This way, he would mistreat the entire family. Sinesipho spend much of her time reading. When the results were announced, she had performed well. The management of the Ubuntu Fund resolved to give her a scholarship, mentorship and psychosocial support. Presently, she is pursuing a law degree.

During the event, Charlie Ross, a renowned auctioneer from Britain, presided over the auction that presented the attendees with two paintings of the revered artist, Dom Pattinson, and a Nelson Makamo’s portrait. Notably, guests were guaranteed a trip to South Africa. In the end, the auction raised $38,667. Jacob Lief, the co-founder of the Ubuntu Fund, reiterated the need to help the less fortunate members of the society. He added that children should be provided with everything to ensure that they grow.

Andrew Rolfe

As the chairperson of the Ubuntu Fund, Andrew is highly committed to the success of the organization. Over the years, he has played an instrumental role in ensuring that many underprivileged children are provided with the much needed care.

The graduate of prestigious institutions, Harvard Business School and the University of Oxford, has worked for renowned companies, including the Gap, Pret A. Manger, Booker Foodservice and PepsiCo. Andrew Rolfe holds an MBA and an undergraduate degree in economics, politics and philosophy.