When we think of Immigrants in this country, it makes you glad that David G. McDonald was the proud son of Immigrants. His parents came to this country as Welsh Immigrants. David was born in Pennsylvania in 1902. After graduating from Iowa State University with a degree in Animal Science, he began working for OSI Group. He climbed his way up the ladder to his current position of President, and CEO. Of course, his success did not come over night. David had to work hard, learn the mechanics of the company, and realize where he needed to improve.
after several years of working for OSI, he concluded with one simple formula that would work for both him and the company. His success is attributed to Mr. McDonald’s focus on three main specialized strategies: Large scale Information Systems, Human Interaction with Computers, and Collaborative Support within those computer systems.

With these strategies in place, Mr. MacDonald set out to expand OSI Group’s presence in Europe. He knew that this presence would not only give more exposure to their products, portfolio, and brands, but would also be a positive move to expand growth for the company. He successfully achieved this goal in 2008. OSI Group acquired a controlling stake in Baho Foods. This was a privately owned Dutch Food Manufacturing company. Mr. McDonald impressed the Dutch company with OSI Group’s North America track record. Since 1992 OSI Groups has been supplying value-added protein items of food to such brand names as Subway, Burger King, Starbucks, Yums and Papa John’s. This merger proved to be one of Mr. McDonald’s greatest successes for 2008.

This acquisition was also important to Mr. McDonald because he is always concerned about customer service and the employees of the company. According to a published magazine article, Mr. McDonald stated that while the acquisition would complement OSI’s processing strengths, it would also broaden their capabilities to meets the needs of their evolving customer base.

The employees of the newly acquired company was equally important to Mr. McDonald. All the Baho Food Staff was retained. They would work together with the senior teams of OSI. This example emphasizes Mr. McDonald’s belief in Collaborative Support and mentioned above. This collaborative union of the two companies has helped OSI to operate in Germany, the Netherlands, and has five subsidiary companies. OSI serves a wide range of customers who spread across eighteen European countries.

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Dr. Clay Siegall Discusses Founding Days of Seattle Genetics

Dr. Clay Siegall, the leading operator at Seattle Genetics, has recently participated in an interview where he discussed his founding of the successful oncological biotechnology company. Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998 and has, since its initial launch, impacted the lives of many people. During his interview with a reputable news outlet, Dr. Siegall discussed his motivation for opening Seattle Genetics, the difficulties the company faced in the first years of operation, and his hopes for the future impact of the biotech company. Under the leadership and guidance of Dr. Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics has expanded from a small facility with a handful of employees to one of the largest companies of its kind.

Opening Seattle Genetics

In the late 1990s, Dr. Clay Siegall opened his biotech company with a view towards the gradual development of cures for diseases that plagued the United States and the rest of the world. Cancers and debilitating disease had always concerned Dr. Siegall and, after receiving his doctorate degree in genetic research from George Washington University, he experienced a great enthusiasm for ending these diseases. Dr. Siegall developed Seattle Genetics with a small team of reputable researchers and scientists who agreed to take pay cuts to complete a massive amount of work. Over a span of about a decade, Dr. Siegall began to see a reward for all of the work he and his team had participated in during the development of the biotech company.

Difficulties During Infancy

In his interview, Dr. Siegall revealed that the operation of Seattle Genetics was not always as simple as it appeared to be. Developing the biotech business from nothing was difficult for Dr. Siegall and he recalls many times where financial constraints almost ended the young company. During these times, Dr. Siegall stated that he persevered and worked even harder. Seattle Genetics eventually prospered under the leadership of Siegall.

Future Impact of Seattle Genetics

Now that Seattle Genetics is successful and holds three different patents for cancer treatments, Dr. Siegall is looking forward to the further advancement of the biotech company. The Seattle Genetics CEO has announced plans to develop a new patent within the next year.


Andrew Rolfe Succeeds In Raising Over $900,000 For The Ubuntu Fund

After lengthy deliberations, Andrew Rolfe and the leadership of the Ubuntu Fund deemed it fit to expand the institution’s offing. To this end, they planned a gala dinner with the objective of raising more than $900,000. During the event, which was held in London, Andrew was charged with the duty of entertaining the guests and ensuring that they are well fed. He achieved this objective given that the event lasted the entire night.

After counting the money, the management said that they had exceeded their expectations. The leaders of the Ubuntu Fund resolved to expand the organization’s school campus, which is based in South Africa’s Port Elizabeth region. During the night, guests listened to different inspiring speeches.

One of the beneficiaries of the Fund, Sinesipho Rabidyani, took to the podium after dinner. Her inspiring story was the talk of the night. As a young girl, Sinesipho did not love going home after school given that her father had a drinking habit. This way, he would mistreat the entire family. Sinesipho spend much of her time reading. When the results were announced, she had performed well. The management of the Ubuntu Fund resolved to give her a scholarship, mentorship and psychosocial support. Presently, she is pursuing a law degree.

During the event, Charlie Ross, a renowned auctioneer from Britain, presided over the auction that presented the attendees with two paintings of the revered artist, Dom Pattinson, and a Nelson Makamo’s portrait. Notably, guests were guaranteed a trip to South Africa. In the end, the auction raised $38,667. Jacob Lief, the co-founder of the Ubuntu Fund, reiterated the need to help the less fortunate members of the society. He added that children should be provided with everything to ensure that they grow.

Andrew Rolfe

As the chairperson of the Ubuntu Fund, Andrew is highly committed to the success of the organization. Over the years, he has played an instrumental role in ensuring that many underprivileged children are provided with the much needed care.

The graduate of prestigious institutions, Harvard Business School and the University of Oxford, has worked for renowned companies, including the Gap, Pret A. Manger, Booker Foodservice and PepsiCo. Andrew Rolfe holds an MBA and an undergraduate degree in economics, politics and philosophy.


Explaining the Latest Attitude of Gratitude in Rocketship Education’s Schools


Gratitude is a natural feeling of the heart that acknowledges positive occurrences in life. However, the word becomes more significant when a school uses it as one of its five core values. Rocketship United Academy chose gratitude to be its unique core value. The Academy is one of the 25 schools in Rocketship Education’s network of chartered schools. Here are some reasons why the students might have developed the attitude of gratitude

Rocketship’s Community Service

Preston Smith, the CEO of Rocketship Education co-founded the foundation with John Danner in 2007. Their goal was to improve the social life of low-income communities through quality but affordable education. They opened the first chartered public elementary school in San Jose. Over the years, the network of schools has enhanced the academic performance of many students and given them hope to join reputable colleges. Research has also has indicated that students who attend these chartered schools gain more than their counterparts in other public schools.

Parental Participation

When parents are allowed to take an active role in the running of a school, the quality of service is bound to be high. Parental involvement has become a fundamental part of Rocketship schools’ program. They not only take part in choosing one of the school’s core values but also are involved in hiring teachers. Parents attend interviews and meet shortlisted candidates. Such practice ensures that the parents are sure of the quality of education which their children receive.

Personalized Learning

Schools in Rocketship Education’s network such as Rocketship United Academy have consistent positive school experience. The experience helps students develop interpersonal and intra-personal skills necessary for success in school and the society. It is therefore not surprising that they feel gracious. Additionally, an attitude of gratitude helps the students develop a stronger relationship among themselves and with the teachers.

The school’s Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support, PBIS, launched the Gratitude Gram to aid in the teaching of socio-emotional skills. Every day for seven days, each student was asked to write a note of gratitude about a peer. With time, it developed into an attitude that has transformed the atmosphere at Rocketship United.


Porfirio Sanchez Galindo-A Broadcast Media Expert in Mexico

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is an accomplished business executive and currently holds the title of CEO of Editorial Televisa. As Chief Executive Officer, Porfirio Sanchez Galindo provides leadership and is responsible for the continued development and growth of broadcasting services in Mexico, and throughout North America.

At Televisa he provides key strategic initiatives as well as provides technology protocols, allocates the company resources, as well as having a part in research and development. Porfirio Sanchez Galindo approaches each new business challenge with charisma and creative energy making the company, Editorial Televisa one of the top broadcasting and cable networks in the country. He was responsible for the expansion of Univision into the North American market and making the channel one of the most widely watched channels in the latino world.

Televisa is 10 billion dollar cable and internet broadcasting media company in Mexico that provides direct home based satellite television, cable services as well as provides cable TV channels to the citizens througout Latin America. He uses his business strategy to gain advertisers, and his technological experience to broaden the telecommunications companies capabilities.

Prior to his executive positions with Televisa, He also has experience working in the public sector as he worked with the Mexican Finance Ministry for a six year term and held another executive position with Doctors Without Borders. All of the knowledge used from both positions further enchances his capabilities with Televisa in a positive way. He uses the experience he gained there in his day to day operations at Televisa and understands the needs and wants of his viewers.

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo has earned a top-notch education which he uses to broaden his customer base and increase the company revenue. Porfirio Sanchez Galindo obtained a Degree in Applied Mathematics from The Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico and is a graduate of the Stanford School of Business.


How Securus Technologies is Helping Fight the War on Drugs

Inside of the prison that I work, we are constantly fighting the war on drugs. It doesn’t matter what type of drugs get into the hands of the inmates, they can go from dangerous to deadly in a flash. Each time an inmate gets high, they are putting themselves, other inmates, visitors, staff, and officers at risk of severe injuries. To try and combat this epidemic, we have several things we do each day that have had different degrees of success.


Each day when visitors are coming to see the inmates, we set up a search station to make sure nothing is going to change hands. Even after the meeting, we search the inmates again so nothing can get to their cells.


We bring the drug-sniffing dogs with us to different cells and check for all sorts of contraband. Even one small bag of weed is considered a score because we are taking back control of our facility.


Lastly, we will monitor every call the inmates are making. This used to be a chore before the day Securus Technologies installed our modern inmate call monitoring system. Now the LBS software can monitor every call around the clock, virtually doing the job of many officers. If the system detects chatter pertaining to drugs, we get an alert.


The reason the Securus Technologies system was so helpful is because it can put us in the position of acting first, instead of chasing the inmates. Already in over 2,500 different prison systems around the country, when this company talks about their objective of making the world safe, they are serious. Conversations about using drugs in the cell, meeting with a family member who brings drugs to the jail, and hiding places for drugs, are all met with swift action to end this serious problem.


Paul Mampilly’s Determination As An Investor

Paul Mampilly; an American investor and winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition, is determined to help members from various backgrounds by using his skills and expertise. He is fascinated by his research programs that are affordable to most Americans, a service that cannot be found on Wall Street because they target the super elite group only. By launching his flagship newsletter, Profits Unlimited, therefore, Mampilly was eventually able to see his dream come to reality. His primary focus is on the news about the stocks that are within his three favorite companies that include True Momentum, Profits Unlimited, and Extreme Fortunes.

Through hours of extensive research with the help of his team, Paul Mampilly was able to bring his ideas to life. As a result, any stock pick that he issues has gone through a research of between 30 and 40 hours with extra 20 to 30 hours of writing the recommendations. Hence, he spends most of his time creating a write-up stock that he believes will succeed as a portfolio pick. The two trends that he loves including the millennial mega trend and the Internet of Things that he believes can irrevocably change the course of several industries like manufacturing, energy, food, aerospace, automotive, marine, banking, and health care.

In 2016, Mampilly joined Banyan Hill Publishing and served as a senior editor while focusing on helping Main Street Americans find wealth in small-cap-stocks, technology, growth investing, and exceptional opportunities. He started his career in 1991 on Wall Street at Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. He gradually advanced to major positions at ING and Deutsche Bank where he managed multi-million dollar accounts.

The owners of Kinetics Asset Management Company recruited Mampilly in 2006 to manage their hedge fund when it was at $6 billion by then. Under Mampilly’s leadership, however, the company’s assets rose to $25 billion where it was named as the world’s best hedge funds by the Barrons for making an average of 26 percent returns per year. After leaving his Wall Street position, Mampilly continues in the investment business while helping beginners achieve their goals.

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The comeback of George Soros in US Politics

George Soros is mostly popular as one of the richest entrepreneurs, business magnate, author and investor from the USA with a personal fortune of 24.9 billion. However, is also a common name in the political arena due to his impressive contributions as a political activist. George Soros is one of the leading and dedicated supporters of American liberal political as well as American progressive causes, and he has been helping some political figures and organizations throughout his life. Since 1979, he has donated almost 11 Billion dollars to some philanthropic causes. However, his primary focus is to work with fellow political activists and supporters to create a strong collaboration with the representatives from the government to influence policy development on Investopedia, and he has been highly praised for his contributions as well as active initiatives. Although he has been away from his political involvement for last few years, he is now making a strong come back to fight back with the new Trump administration.

The victory of Donald Trump is truly a huge shock for influential and rich liberal supporters like George Soros. Along with other liberal supporters on forbes.com, Soros has also donated millions to support and elect Hillary Clinton. Soros has also been a keen supporter of previous liberal candidates including Barack Obama and donated generously to some liberal welfare projects. Now that the liberal legacies of achievements such as Obamacare are under threat from the upcoming Trump administration, George Soros had to make a strong comeback and take an active position to reunite liberals against Trump.

In line with this, Soros attended a meeting some of the mega-donors of Hillary campaign in Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington D.C. This three-day series of meetings on opensocietyfoundations.org was organized by Democracy Alliance Donor Group which has been quite influential in working with representatives from the government to shape the politics and policy making. This alliance had a major hand in supporting and shaping the Liberal government in past few decades as well. In the meeting, the participants discussed some scenarios and outcomes to take place under Trump Administration. They also discussed possible strategies to safeguard all the achievements that Liberals had already achieved such as Obamacare and so on. This meeting was attended by a number of political leaders and influential figures. However, there were also some participants who were really frustrated with their role in the campaign and proposed a complete reassessment of Democracy Alliance including its approach as well as a role in the first place. Hence, the members also discussed their future course of action to deal with the upcoming challenges in the US political arena.

According to a number of sources, George Soros played a vital role in these meetings that took place over three days. He is the Founder and Member Democracy Alliance and has been a crucial contributor in shaping its approach. He is also serving as the founder and Chairman of Soros Fund Management, Open Society Foundations and Adviser of the Quantum Fund. In addition, he is also helping a number of philanthropic organizations as well.

The Rutgers Cancer Institute Establishes the Omar Boraie Chair

Finally, there has been development in the Rutgers cancer research center. They established the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science in a bid to propel the research being conducted on precision medicine in the Institute.

The chair was named after Omar Boraie after he pledged $1.5 million to support the research.

Genomic science has been considered to be the standard of higher education. That is why the University is looking for ways to promote the academic discipline so that it continues to progress. With the aim of supporting the discipline, the institute launched a campaign that under the name ‘I8 chair challenge’. In this challenge, an anonymous donor would donate $1.5 million. The Sam Boraie chair is one of the 18 chairs.

Even though there are different cancer centers in the world, Rutgers Cancer Institute is the only center that has managed to apply genomics science in precision medicine approach.

Genomic science and precision medicine involve the study of the tumors on a genetic level which will allow the oncologist to be able to offer individualized treatment. This is a groundbreaking approach, and it is going to change the medical world.

To promote the study of precision medicine, the former U.S President Barack Obama launched a nation precision medicine initiative that will support the finding of a cure for cancer and all another chronic disease.

Genetic sequencing- that has been used by the Institute has helped the scientist in finding therapies for the different types of cancer.

Omar in his statement on Bloomberg.com, said that he was hopeful that the pledge was going to impact the research in a positive way especially the advancing of precision medicine. Omar had a background in chemistry but developed an interest in then cancer research done at the institute.

  1. Shridar Ganesan has been named to this chair. He is known internationally as the best academic researcher. He is the associate director for the translational science and an associate professor of medicine and pharmacy. In addition to all that, he is the principal researcher at the Rutgers Cancer Institute. He joined the institute in 2005 after leaving the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard Medical School.

The Rutgers Cancer Institute is New Jersey’s only National Cancer Institute. This institute was established to research on detection of cancer tumors and the treatments that should be adapted for the patients.

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Action Paves The Road To Knowledge

There is no such thing as a bad job as far as Adam Milstein is concerned. He has been working since he was a child and believes that there is great value in every work day. The only way to develop the knowledge needed to run a business is by taking action.

It is the experience gained that opens doors to future opportunities. Adam is a real estate investor to began his career in the industry by working for his father who was a real estate developer in Israel. Adam learned from his father. However, he knew that he was meant for higher achievement. He moved his family from Israel to California and embarked on a successful real estate career.

Adam earned a master’s degree from the University of Southern California. He immediately went into the real estate industry as a broker. Adam quickly learned that it takes time to make money in real estate. This means that patience is a must for anyone looking to have longevity in this type of industry.

He was able to carve out a successful career by being a hands on entrepreneur. It is important to understand every aspect of an investment or a business transaction. Adam Milstein’s diligent work ethic set the foundation for his future success.

Adam Milstein also finds great joy in giving back to others. Adam’s personal life is the backbone for his achievement in the business world. He founded his own organization to help those in need of personal development within the Jewish community. The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is thoroughly involved in every aspect of assisting individuals requiring specific services. Learn more about Adam Milstein: https://israeliamerican.org/national/team-member/adam-milstein

The foundation is highly efficient because Adam and his wife understand every aspect of their organization. It is important to know exactly how each program is affecting its participants. It is also critical to monitor how the foundation’s programs are using its resources in order to achieve the intended agenda.

Adam Milstein is constantly monitoring the effectiveness of all aspects of the foundation. He seeks to use his work in philanthropy to help strengthen the relationship between the United States and his native country of Israel.